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Hydromx Heat Transfer Fluid Reduces Carbon Footprint

Carbon Emission Responsible

Hydromx’s nanofluid decreases CO2 emissions by 26.6%, compared to water. Additionally, it maintains LCA and EPD certifications through approval organizations and independent testing.


Hydromx is tested and approved by NSF for the closed loop system’s health and durability. Our product protects the enviroment as well as your HVAC machinery.
The LCA and EPD verify that Hydromx contributes to the new LEED v.4 standard in three different topics as a green and sustainable solution.

Reliability & Support

For 10 years we have built a solid infrastructure and assembling a team of experienced, dedicated and successful industry specific professionals who form the Hydromx team.
Together with our carefully selected Worldwide Distributors and Resellers we thrive to lead the energy conservation revolution.

Innovative Product

Hydromx is the first commercially viable and academically recognized complete Efficient Heat Transfer Nanofluid in the World.
Hydromx is a Trade Secret Protected & Certified innovative nanotechnology product that enables 20% energy savings guaranteed.

Recent Industry Success

Hydromx Leads the Way for the New York City Carbon Neutral Effort by 2050 - Hydromx® Inc. supports New York City’s efforts to become carbon neutral by 2050. Hydromx, has developed a nanofluid for efficient heat transfer in cooling and heating systems that has assisted the Empire State Building's goal of reducing emissions by 40 percent over ten years. Read More
Hydromx® Inc. Named an Inaugural Data Center Startup Challenge Finalist by Data Center World - Hydromx Inc, Efficient Heat Transfer Nanofluid, was announced as a two-time award winner at the recent Data Center Startup Challenge. These awards position Hydromx as a company to watch as they lead the space for heat transfer nanofluids responsible for helping to reduce carbon emissions. Read More
Hydromx Wins the 2020 Carbon Neutrality Innovation Challenge - On September 22nd, 2020, The New York City Department of Buildings held the first NYC Carbon Neutrality Innovation Challenge during Climate Week 2020. Hydromx® was one of four winners featured during the digital conference and is favored in the 2020 NYC Building Code. Read More

Top Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hydromx?

Hydromx is a revolutionary heat transfer fluid that replaces water or glycol in hydronic [See More] heating, cooling and solar systems. The unique formula improves thermal performance and improves energy efficiency. In heating systems this results in reduced energy consumption of up to 35%.
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How does Hydromx work?

Hydromx uses leading-edge nanothermotechnology and a protected formulation to improve heat [See More] transfer and works in concert with the room/radiator thermostats and the boiler/chiller controls to reduce energy consumption.
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Does Hydromx have Insurance?

After technical reviews and system protection reporting process, Hydromx® has been insured by [See More] The Cincinnati Specialty Underwriters Insurance Company. Hydromx® has 1.000.000 USD general liability insurance and the insurance limit can be increased if needed. There are no claims until now since the 1st client. For details, please send an email to
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