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Hydromx Leads the Way for the New York City Carbon Neutral Effort by 2050 - Hydromx® Inc. supports New York City’s efforts to become carbon neutral by 2050. Hydromx, has developed a nanofluid for efficient heat transfer in cooling and heating systems that has assisted the Empire State Building's goal of reducing emissions by 40 percent over ten years. Read More
Hydromx® Inc. Named an Inaugural Data Center Startup Challenge Finalist by Data Center World - Hydromx Inc, Efficient Heat Transfer Nanofluid, was announced as a two-time award winner at the recent Data Center Startup Challenge. These awards position Hydromx as a company to watch as they lead the space for heat transfer nanofluids responsible for helping to reduce carbon emissions. Read More
Hydromx Wins the 2020 Carbon Neutrality Innovation Challenge - On September 22nd, 2020, The New York City Department of Buildings held the first NYC Carbon Neutrality Innovation Challenge during Climate Week 2020. Hydromx® was one of four winners featured during the digital conference and is favored in the 2020 NYC Building Code. Read More