Hydromx UK Founder Named On The Unlock Net Zero Climate Champions’ Power List for 2023

HMX UK founder Steve Kimber has been named on the Unlock Net Zero Climate Champions’ Power List 2023.

The list recognizes and celebrates positive individual contributions to climate action across the UK housing and built environment sectors.

HMX supplies revolutionary nano-tech fluid Hydromx to the UK market. The product is mixed with water in hydronic heating and cooling systems, improving the speed with which heat is transferred. Boilers/chillers are required to do less work, delivering bill savings and reduced maintenance requirements.

The manufacturers of Hydromx quote cost and carbon savings of 20-35%; HMX UK installations to date have achieved this and more, with one project returning a 47% energy save.

Inclusion on the Climate Champions’ Power List is welcome recognition for Steve and his team, who have been working tirelessly to raise awareness of the huge potential that Hydromx’s nano-technology holds in slashing energy bills and carbon emissions in the built environment.

He said: “Introducing a new technology is never easy, especially when we can’t turn to recognized certification bodies to verify and validate our results because product testing regimes have yet to catch up with the science. It’s therefore great to be included on the Climate Champions Power List.”

A spokesman for the Climate Champions Power List, which saw a record year for nominations, said: “To meet the UK’s net zero and climate change targets we need collective, urgent action across all sectors and communities. There are many individuals who are playing their part in making our homes and the planet a better place. So, we are delighted to launch the 2023 Unlock Net Zero Climate Champions’ Power List. Individuals are included for their approaches and achievements in driving forward sustainable practices and net zero progress as well as their involvement in the wider green agenda.”

The Power List will be officially announced at Unlock Net Zero Live , November 23 at ExCeL, London.