NYC Accelerator Accepted Hydromx as a Service Provider to Fight CO² Emission in New York City

In 2012, New York City launched the NYC Accelerator program. The mayor’s office of climate and sustainability is working with building owners across its five boroughs to lower carbon emissions. Their goal is to make New York City carbon-neutral by 2050, and buildings account for 68% of the city’s carbon emissions.

The experts at NYC Accelerator have outlined several strategies to retrofit older buildings (and equip new construction) with green technologies. They offer building owners a free energy summary report to identify opportunities for energy conservation.

Hydromx, the revolutionary heat-transfer nanofluid, has been shown to increase the efficiency of closed-loop heating and cooling systems by up to 40%. It has a proven track record of decreasing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for many kinds of buildings, from offices and schools to healthcare facilities and data centers. Hydromx guarantees a maximum return on investment of three years — and several case studies point to even faster recuperation of costs.

Hydromx has aligned its goals as a company with those set forth by COP26, the recent UN Climate Change Conference, and offers clients the least-intrusive way to upgrade existing heating and cooling systems to meet those goals. Contact a Hydromx distributor about reaching energy and climate goals in New York City and beyond.

Click here to read through the NYC Accelerator Service Provider Program Handbook