NYC Accelerator Events: Learn about decarbonizing and local law compliance

Hydromx is an official service provider for the NYC Accelerator program. This program from the mayor’s office of climate and sustainability has a goal to make NYC carbon-neutral by 2050.

A large part of their efforts is to educate New Yorkers about all their options for increasing energy efficiency, meeting decarbonization targets, and avoiding emissions fines that will be enforced in the coming years.

If you are a building owner or property manager, you will need a plan to comply with these local laws. Consider registering for one of these webinars:

Building Energy Compliance Seminar: Project Planning and Implementation (May 3 – June 1)

This interactive class from the CUNY Building Performance Lab teaches you how to minimize or eliminate carbon emission fines associated with Local Law 97, which caps carbon emissions from buildings over 25,000 square feet starting in 2024.

This class helps you determine your current carbon emissions, how to create a plan to reduce them, and how to bring together the financing to get it done.

Retrofit Now! Reducing Carbon and Complying with LL97 (Starting May 3)

There is going to be lots of talk in building circles about Local Law 97 in the coming years. This webinar series discusses the regulatory context and strategies for retrofits, architectural renovations, engineering strategies and financial assistance.

Building Energy Compliance Seminar: Crash Course on NYC Local Laws (May 6, June 8)

This free, three-hour seminar will present a detailed overview of greenhouse gas-related local laws that impact most of NYC’s larger buildings. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy to meet these requirements, so the more you learn about the various codes, the quicker you can get on the road to energy savings and compliance for your building.

Click here to read through the NYC Accelerator Service Provider Program Handbook