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Leadership Team

Berkin Arikan - Chairman, CEO

Berkin Arikan

Chairman, CEO

Michael Butigian - President, COO

Michael Butigian

President, COO

Umit Ozdoruk - Founding Member and Honorary President

Umit Ozdoruk

Founding Member / Honorary President

Tigin Konuk

Director of the Eurasia Team

Cenk Goker - Operations Manager

Cenk Göker

Operations Manager

Global Team And Distributor Locations

We are the manufacturer of a nanotechnology trade secret product that improves energy efficiency in a range of applications by up to 35%. HYDROMX® is the only heat transfer fluid with a return on investment that is often under 2 years. HYDROMX® is applicable to both commercial and domestic markets.

Our Mission

“To provide energy efficiency and complete system protection via proven, high technology products.”

Our Company Goal and Objective

To help save the planet one building at a time by providing affordable, dependable cutting-edge technology to reduce the use of energy through the increased speed of heat transfer in closed-loop hydronic heating and cooling systems. We would like to build this on a platform of honesty, integrity and impeccable customer service.

Our Business Philosophy

To lead by example in fostering social responsibility to ensure that we leave a better place for future generations because we do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children.


There is an enormous global thirst for energy as the world population grows. The International Energy Outlook 2013 (IEO2013) predicts that world energy consumption will grow by 56% between 2010 and 2040. With fossil fuels supplying almost 80% of world energy use through to 2040, emissions will exacerbate global warming. Therefore, the world faces soaring energy demand and increased energy costs, and the effects of global warming caused by the use of fossil fuels.

While there is steady growth in renewable energy technologies (albeit only about 2% per year), energy conservation measures must come first. HYDROMX® meets this global challenge on a scale unlike any other product or technology available thus far.

We have spent the past ten years building a solid infrastructure and assembling a team of experienced, dedicated and successful industry specific professionals who form the HYDROMX TEAM. Together with our carefully selected Worldwide Distributors and Resellers we feel we are well placed to lead the energy conservation revolution with our innovative HYDROMX® product.