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Avantis will deploy our revolutionary nanofluid in shipping vessels to help lower CO2 emissions.

Hydromx® is a heat transfer Nano-fluid that provides energy efficiency and complete system protection via proven, innovative products for all closed-loop HVAC Systems both heating, cooling, geothermal, solar and heat recovery applications globally.

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Heat Transfer Fluid - Energy Saving

Decision Makers

Guaranteed Savings

Verified Emission Reduction

Industry’s ONLY Full Product Liability Insurance

Maximum 3-Year ROI

Complete Peace of Mind

Heat Transfer Fluid - Carbon Reduction


Save & Protect

“Freeze, Corrosion, Scaling, Burst, Bacteria”

Noninvasive installation

No mechanical change required

Non-disruptive installation

20-years Limited Warranty

Heat Transfer Fluid - Save Money

Sustainability Professionals

Certified & Verified Comparable LCA by NSF

Published EPD by NSF Sustainability LEED Points

“World’s time is running out… Buildings are responsible almost 40% of entire CO2 emissions !!!

Global Challenge. Our Solution. Your Benefits.

Hydromx Heat Transfer Fluid Saves Energy

Energy Efficiency

20% energy savings guaranteed.

Save money through reduced energy consumption of your closed loop heating and cooling systems.

Hydromx Heat Transfer Fluid offers HVAC System Protection

HVAC System Protection

Protects Against:

  • Corrosion, calcification & bacteria in the systems.
  • Freezing and burst
  • Deteriorating system

Hydromx Heat Transfer Fluid Reduces Carbon Footprint

CO2 Reduction

Social Responsibility

Proven CO2 reduction of up to 29%

Rapid ROI with Hydromx Heat Transfer Fluid

Rapid ROI

Guaranteed Maximum of 3 Year ROI.

Money saved in reduced energy consumption will offset the purchase price of Hydromx heat transfer fluid.

Hydromx Heat Transfer Fluid is Certified and Tested

Tested & Certified

20% energy savings guaranteed.

Hydromx has been tested throughout the world and awarded by many industry standard-setting certification.

Hydromx is a finalist in the Energy Efficiency category at this year’s Urban Tech Forward conference.
Hydromx is an official service provider for the NYC Accelerator program.
UK Green Building Council recognizes Hydromx in its 2022 “Retrofitting Resilience” challenge.

Case Studies
and Testimonials

Featured Case Studies


Commercial Group

“We have 10 Commitments that are the foundation upon which our sustainability program is built. One of these is to “Reduce Carbon Significantly”. We were confident that we would save carbon with Hydromx because of the results that Ecotricity have seen at Forest Green Rovers. We are delighted that we too are saving 30%. That is over 8 tonnes of carbon ….every year, or as Forest Green puts it, the carbon absorbed by over 130 trees, enough to cover almost 2 football fields. This will deepen our ability to stay Carbon Neutral and spread the word through our annual CSR Day, seminars, reviews, consultancy, special projects and other activities, to help our customers reduce their environmental footprints and create a successful low carbon economy.

Environmental Strategist
Environmental Strategist

Gold City Hotels and Resorts

“We have commenced using Hydromx heat transfer fluid in the closed circuits of our 300 solar energy panels. It is observed that efficiency of the system increased up to 30% with Hydromx. I am pleased to note that after the tests, we have conducted on boiling and freezing points of solution, it significantly increases the efficiency of the systems. Consequently, we have decided to use Hydromx in all of our systems. In accordance with this decision I am pleased to declare that we will use this solution for our other 300 solar panels as soon as possible.”

Ahmet Mutlu
Technical Coordinator

Forest Green Rovers

“We are delighted that our football club is the first in the UK to use nanotechnology to cut our gas bill and carbon emissions by 30%. Having seen the benefits of this energy saving solution at first hand, it’s not hard to imagine the contribution Hydromx and its nanotechnology can make towards the reduction of carbon emissions in both domestic and commercial buildings. Thank you again for bringing this revolutionary technology to us.”

Operations Director
Head of Special Projects, Ecotricity

Heat Transfer Fluid Global Distribution and Connection

We have spent the past ten years building a solid infrastructure and assembling a team of experienced, dedicated and successful industry specific professionals who form the Hydromx team.

Together with our carefully selected Worldwide Distributors and Resellers we feel we are well placed to lead the energy conservation revolution with our innovative HYDROMX® heat transfer fluid product. Lets make a change together!