Case Study

HBO Broadcasting Center

Project Name: HBO Broadcasting Center
Location: Hauppauge, New York
Type: Commercial Off ice

This field study compared two mission critical Data Rooms. Server#3 Room, was cooled using Hydromx and the other room, MPEG#4, was cooled using 40/60 Glycol/Water. The load difference between these rooms is 47.5%, with Server#3 having the larger load. kW consumption difference was 7.23% in favor of MPEG#4. Server#3, had 90% more free cooling hours than MPEG#4.
HydroMX Case Study - HBO
“After months of testing, I’m extremely excited to report the results were better than expected. We installed Hydromx® in two critical 20 tonne Dry Cooled Liebert systems and have found an overall saving of 35%.” Mr. Desmond Cooke, HBO Chief Engineer.

  • Overall 35% energy savings.
  • ROI 1 year, 1000s hours more free cooling.
  • Compressor run time hours slashed by an average of 46%, increasing equipment life span.
  • Annual saving in each CRAC unit of 65,000 kWh
  • 20 Ton Liebert units
  • 27.29% energy savings
  • 90% more free cooling hours with Hydromx
  • Monitored by independent monitoring company
  • ROI = 1 year
  • Compressor run-time slashed \(increased equipment life)
  • 65,000 kWh annual savings

HydroMX Case Study - HBO

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