Case Study

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Project Name: The Empire State Building Observatory
Location: Manhattan, NY
Type: Private Commercial Building
Rep Firm: CCIA Mechanical
Engineer: Goldman Copeland


  • Hydromx® cuts energy consumption and CO2 emissions by approximately 26.8%
  • The Empire State Building specifies Hydromx as the only approved Heat Transfer Fluid
  • By May 2020, Hydromx has been installed in 12 different loops inside the building

New York City’s most iconic building, the Empire State Building, has been a popular tourist attraction since its inception. Since 2009, this art deco building has been going green. Notably, it is quite a feat at 2.7 million square feet and 102 floors. In light of this “Go Green” effort, Hydromx helps make a significant transformation as well.

An article in The Wall Street Journal notes the building had a goal of reducing emissions by 40 percent over ten years. In fact, through many improvements, the building has achieved this goal far ahead of schedule. Hydromx is now in the landmark’s arsenal of energy-saving changes. To enhance the efficiency of the chiller systems rep firm CCIA worked with, Goldman Copeland and chose Hydromx. Also, US Chillers, a chiller maintenance company, authorized Hydromx for use in their chillers without voiding standard equipment warranties. Consequently, Hydromx cut chiller energy consumption and emissions by approximately 26.8 percent.


Indeed, gaining the engineer’s trust in such an innovative product was a challenge. Not only did the engineers need to be won over, but the original equipment manufacturers must also buy into this innovative technology. Not to mention, the engineers must have confidence that their equipment warranties would remain intact.


Of course, the teams working on the Empire State Building project value energy conservation. Hydromx understands energy conservation, as this is a core principle of its fruition. In other words, Hydromx’s heat transfer nanofluid meets this global challenge on a scale, unlike any other product or technology. “Not only does Hydromx understand the global impacts of our building sustainability Hydromx - Energy Savings for Heating and Cooling Systemstoday, but their nanofluid also provides overall system protection against corrosion, freezing, and calcification and tremendously improved the mechanical system’s efficiency,” says Tim Daily, Empire State Building Facilities Director.

Furthermore, Hydromx’s unmatched efficiency provides an average of 26.8 percent emission reduction. In addition to increased efficiency, this innovative coolant protects against corrosion, scale, and freezing. Hydromx can also contribute to LEED points by optimizing energy performance, lengthening equipment lifespans, and enhancing overall efficiency.


For this reason, The Empire State Building now specifies Hydromx for all of their heating and cooling loops as the only Heat Transfer Fluid.

As of May 2020, 12 different loops inside the Empire State Building contain Hydromx. The loops include heating, cooling, and run-around loops. The switch to Hydromx contributed to this icon, gaining LEED certification. In an article, Dana Schneider (Senior Vice President, Director of Energy and Sustainability at Empire State Realty Trust) stated, “LEED certification is one of the top criteria for many tenants today. It reinforces the strong business case we have made for a cost-effective energy retrofit that lowers tenant occupancy costs. With this in mind, we continue our work with building ownership on LEED-level new tenant installations and tenant-based energy efficiency programs. A new program with the Center for Market Innovation of the Natural Resources Defense Council, funded by a grant from the Goldman Sachs Foundation, now documents these programs.”

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