Hydromx® Inc. Named an Inaugural Data Center Startup Challenge Finalist by Data Center World

Hydromx ® Inc. is a two-time award winner at the Data Center World Startup Challenge!

Maspeth, New York, August 19, 2021 – Hydromx Inc, an efficient heat transfer nanofluid, was announced as a two-time award winner at the recent Data Center Startup Challenge. The company was awarded “Best Chance for Market Success” and “Most Influential Founding Team”. Both awards position Hydromx as a company to watch as they lead the space for heat transfer nanofluids responsible for helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Weeks ago, Hydromx Inc was named a finalist in the contest for being the first commercially viable and academically recognized complete efficient heat transfer nanofluid in the World for hydronic closed-loop cooling and heating systems. Hydromx® is a trade secret protected & certified innovative nano-technology product that enables 20-35% energy savings of the associated HVAC bills with a guaranteed maximum of 3-year ROI.

Hydromx leverages the nanoparticles to increase the speed and the effectiveness of the overall heat transfer process. As a result, the required target temperature is satisfied in a shorter time, thereby requiring significantly less energy versus the conventional heat transfer mediums.

Tara Gibb, Senior Director, Data Center World said, “The companies selected to participate have been developing and selling a technology solution that directly impacts the data center or data center professionals. They represent the ongoing innovation in the data center marketplace. We wish them the best of luck when they compete on-site at Data Center World next month.”

About Hydromx® Inc – Providing Buildings with an Efficient Heat Transfer Nanofluid

Hydromx is the manufacturer of a nanotechnology trade secret product that improves energy efficiency in a range of applications by up to 35%. Hydromx is the only heat transfer fluid with a return on investment that is often under 2 years. Hydromx is applicable to both commercial and domestic markets.