Hydromx can minimize your energy expenditures while still providing quality results.

Rapid ROI with Hydromx Heat Transfer Fluid

Rapid ROI

Money saved in reduced energy consumption will offset the purchase price of Hydromx fluid.

Hydromx is easy to install. Just replace “the hydronic heat transfer fluid” running in the system with Hydromx.

Hydromx Heat Transfer Fluid Saves Energy

Optimizing Energy Performance

Hydromx increases efficiency by 20% guarantee. Hydromx uses nano-particles that are suspended in a stable state to increase the speed of heat transfer, by heating up (or removing heat from) the fluid and transferring energy in a shorter amount of time, thereby requiring significantly less energy, helping save money.

Hydromx Heat Transfer Fluid Reduces Carbon Footprint

Carbon Emission Responsible

Hydromx’s nanofluid decreases CO2 emissions by 26.6%, compared to water. Additionally, it maintains LCA and EPD certifications through approval organizations and independent testing.

Hydromx Heat Transfer Fluid offers HVAC System Protection

Full System Protection

Hydromx is specifically formulated to prevent corrosion, calcification and algae in the systems. It is certified under the BuildCert Chemical Inhibitor Approval Scheme to inhibit corrosion of metallic and plastic parts, and prevent scaling up of the system, particularly the boiler. Hydromx comes with a 20 year guarantee.

The Nanofluid Technology Behind Hydromx

A nanofluid is a fluid containing nanometer-sized particles, called nanoparticles. Such fluids are engineered colloidal suspensions of nanoparticles in a base fluid. The nanoparticles used in nanofluids are typically made of metals, oxides, carbides, or carbon nanotubes. Common base fluids include water, ethylene & propylene glycol, and oil.

Hydromx’s nanofluid technology is superior to common base fluids for several reasons

  1. Our nanofluid transfers heat with significantly lower energy requirements. It has higher efficiency than water by up to 37%.
  1. It minimizes scale, corrosion, algae, and bacteria from taking hold in your system. This protection diminish maintenance expenses, downtimes and prolongs the life of your equipment.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hydromx?

Hydromx is a revolutionary heat transfer fluid that replaces water or glycol in hydronic [See More] heating, cooling and solar systems. The unique formula improves thermal performance and improves energy efficiency. In heating systems this results in reduced energy consumption of up to 35%.
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How does Hydromx work?

Hydromx uses leading-edge nanothermotechnology and a protected formulation to improve heat transfer [See More] and works in concert with the room/radiator thermostats and the boiler/chiller controls to reduce energy consumption.
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Does Hydromx have Insurance?

After technical reviews and system protection reporting process, Hydromx® has been insured by [See More] The Cincinnati Specialty Underwriters Insurance Company. Hydromx® has 1.000.000 USD general liability insurance and the insurance limit can be increased if needed. There are no claims until now since the 1st client. For details, please send an email to
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