Hydromx Wins the 2020 Carbon Neutrality Innovation Challenge

On September 22nd, 2020, The New York City Department of Buildings held the first NYC Carbon Neutrality Innovation Challenge during Climate Week 2020. Hydromx® was one of four winners featured during the digital conference and is favored in the 2020 NYC Building Code.

Climate Week 2020

Climate Week NYC has taken place annually since its inception in 2009. In response to the global pandemic, the 2020 Climate Week NYC went digital. The week-long festivities foster conversation by leaders in business and government across the world on climate change. Additionally, it features innovations in various industries to slow the progression of climate change. Over 350 individual events, seminars, and discussions took place worldwide, making the most recent Climate Week the largest yet.
Hydromx Hydronic Fluid
Ten areas of focus were highlighted during the celebration:

  • Transport and Infrastructure
  • Clean Energy Transition
  • Finance, Jobs, and Investment
  • Industry and Built Environment
  • Food and Land Use
  • US and International Policy
  • Nature and Science
  • Youth, Public Mobilization, and Justice
  • Climate Impacts and Adaptation
  • Sustainable Travel and Tourism

“Climate change is an existential threat to a coastal city like ours, and innovative technologies will help us meet this challenge head-on,” said Buildings Commissioner Melanie E. La Rocca. “As part of our first-ever digital conference, I am thrilled to congratulate the winners of our sustainability innovation challenge. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our buildings is critical to fighting climate change and protecting New Yorkers, and we are proud of our continued partnership with the industry to confront this critical issue.”

The Carbon Neutrality Innovation Challenge

Submissions opened on Earth Day 2020, and the winners were announced on September 22nd. The NYC Green New Deal Law drove the competition. The law set forth the ambitious deadline of cutting carbon emissions levels from 2005 by 40% before 2030 and 80% before 2050.

The NYC Department of Building’s Innovation Committee and a selected panel of experts in private sector design, technology, and construction were the judges for this competition. Judges considered submissions on their impact, feasibility, and innovation in buildings over 25,000 sq ft. Many submissions were considered but, only four winners were awarded. Consideration for addition to the 2020 NYC building code was the prize for The Carbon Neutrality Innovation Challenge’s four winners, as well as the honor of being showcased at Climate Week 2020. This is a considerable benefit, as an estimated 2% or 50,000 buildings in the city will be required to slash emissions in the coming years.

Hydromx’s Winning Solution

Hydromx is a cutting-edge heat transfer nanofluid that uses Nano-Thermo™ technology. The nanofluid is ideal in closed-loop heating and cooling applications. Its ability to improve efficiency, save energy costs, reduce maintenance expenses, and prolong equipment life translates to a minimized carbon footprint. Hydromx significantly increases the heat-transfer rate, therefore improving the efficiency of the system’s energy transfer. Moreover, the nanofluid prevents calcification, algae, and corrosion in systems. On average, Hydromx increases efficiency 20% to 35%. Hydromx goes above and beyond the Carbon Neutrality Innovation Challenge parameters.

Nanotechnology Provides 4 Types of Protection

Hydromx’s nanotechnology offers superior protection against corrosion, scaling, freezing, as well as bacteria. These four factors can cause major headaches in other systems but are no problem for Hydromx.

Corrosion Protection
One of the most common problems in hydronic systems is corrosion. This problem can eviscerate ball & check valves, zone valves, tanks, etc. Typical water-based mixtures add corrosion prevention agents, which decreases the thermal connectivity. However, Hydromx prevents corrosion without decreasing the thermal connectivity and is verified by BuildCert and the ASTM-D 1386 Standard.

Scaling Protection
Scaling presents a challenge by blocking up the entire system, leading to valve and pump failures. Hard water makes systems especially vulnerable to scaling. Hydromx provides total protection against scaling while maintaining the optimal efficiency of your system.

Freezing & Burst Protection
Most systems have a glycol solution to avoid freezing. Though glycol is effective in most temperatures, it severely reduces the thermal connectivity of fluid within a system. On the contrary, Hydromx continues to preserve safe temperatures and uphold thermal connectivity.

Bacteria Protection
Bacteria, such as Pseudomonas and Legionella, are a danger for traditional fluid mixtures in hydronic systems. Not only do they present a problem for maintenance technicians, but bacteria can also diminish efficiency. Moreover, Hydromx’s unique formula eradicates bacteria without reducing the system’s efficiency.

Green Heat Transfer Fluid

It is imperative to lessen our current CO2 emissions to protect life on Earth. CO2 emissions are the largest cause of climate change to date. Second is the globally increasing energy demand. Hydromx’s nanofluid decreases CO2 emissions by 26.6%, compared to water. Additionally, it maintains LCA and EPD (EPD10329) certifications through approval organizations and independent testing.

Hydromx contributes to the newest LEED standards (v.4) in three categories as a sustainable and green solution:

  • 20% to 35% savings on HVAC bills and doesn’t impose disruption to building occupants
  • Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction
  • Optimizing Energy Performance

The heat transfer fluid contributes an estimated 10 LEED points when used within new constrictions. According to the UN’s 2011 data regarding the environment, the average annual CO2 emissions have reached 28.8 Trillion tons world-wide. IEA’s (International Energy Agency) data suggests a savings of more than 50 Billion USD in annual energy expenses if 5% of the world uses Hydromx. Moreover, this increase in Hydromx use could eliminate 86.5 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere, or the CO2 absorption of 231 million trees. That small percent would have a considerable difference in the future of our environment.

Hydromx’s Green Applications

Hydromx has proven itself in many applications to date. New York City’s iconic landmark, the Empire State Building, has added Hydromx into its radiators and produces positive results by way of energy savings. The Residential Care Home in the UK saw a savings of 21% for energy expenses and a return on investment in less than two years, with the addition of Hydromx into the facility’s system. Hydromx is an excellent choice for many applications. It not only saves money but also leaves a smaller carbon footprint than traditional formulas.

An Excellent Choice for Green Initiatives

Hydromx’s state-of-the-art formula is an excellent option for any green initiative building project. The Carbon Neutrality Innovation Challenge was a prime opportunity to showcase the nanofluid’s efficiency. Hydromx is carefully formulated for the highest efficiency on the market and the ability to prolong your equipment’s life.

To learn more about adding Hydromx to your system, click here, or contact us at info@hydromx.com.

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