Hydromx is Backed by ENVIEM Group in The Netherlands

Hydromx has become renowned for its decarbonizing potential thanks to partnerships with influential energy companies and industry groups around the world.

We are excited to inform our current and prospective clients in the Netherlands that our distributor, Greenlife Technology, is a part of ENVIEM Group, one of the leading energy companies in the Dutch market.

ENVIEM Group is a dynamic, multi-brand company dedicated to broadening its activities in every sector of the energy industry. Besides its strong presence in the industrial lubricant and filling station markets, the company is also involved in the collection and processing of oil waste and investing in new energy concepts.

ENVIEM Group’s backing of Greenlife Technology is part of its commitment to discovering and promoting state-of-the-art energy-saving products. Greenlife Technology has a mission to bring transparency and integrity to the B2B energy market by promoting high-impact technologies that reduce energy consumption.

Customers in the Netherlands who want to learn more about how Hydromx can instantly upgrade the performance of their hydronic system can contact Greenlife Technology at 020 764 08 44, email sales@greenlifetechnology.eu, or learn more on their website.