Hydromx® is excited to announce a new partnership with the Avantis Marine Group., a global leader in green technology and power system retrofit. This partnership will provide Avantis with a new technology for reducing CO2 emissions in the critical assets and infrastructure they service.

In June 2021, the International Maritime Organization adopted new regulations that require shipping vessels to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. These rules require large ships to calculate their Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI), a measure of likely CO2 emissions based on the ship’s design parameters, and improve the efficiency of their operation.

Avantis is a regulatory compliance expert in the marine, offshore, and power generation markets. As ocean-going vessels seek to reduce their environmental impact, Avantis is helping to integrate and retrofit older vessels with clean solutions.

Avantis has bolstered their Energy Optimization Department with the aim of providing support for ship owners complying with legislation and decarbonization, plus onboarding of efficient technologies and operation changes. Avantis is committed to providing clients with best practices for reducing EEXI while still achieving a return on investment.

Hydromx, the revolutionary heat-transfer nanofluid, is a perfect solution to help contribute to Avantis’ decarbonization targets. Closed-loop heating and cooling systems that run on Hydromx require significantly less energy to operate, thereby reducing emissions. As the run times for the equipment are diminished, Hydromx also helps extend the life of HVAC equipment and keep maintenance costs low.

Hydromx offers Avantis an easy solution to instantly upgrade the heating and cooling systems on large vessels without any expensive new equipment or need for dry-docking.